Monday, January 17, 2011


I had heard of Pink’s work for many years. I have seen snippets of concepts throughout my own learning and experiences in recent years. I have heard many speak of his ideas, and heard many recommendations that I should take the time to read his work. I rarely get to read what interests me. Seems I always have my nose in something I need to read, rather than what I want to read. I do wish I had taken the opportunity to read this book long before now!

It has modified and clarified my opinion of where the future of technology lies. It has given me an opportunity to counsel my students that are interested in a career in technology to look to the jobs that involve the creative process – being “the idea” guy or gal. Students need to look to different ways to fill a niche. Look at the success that Mark Zuckerberg has had with his idea of making the Internet a more socially friendly place. Invented this little thing called Facebook… which has now surpassed Google in its number of users. It has prompted me to focus even more in my classes on the creative, project-oriented learning activities.

I am greatly encouraged to follow the belief that our future lies with human creativity and entrepreneurship. Waaaayyy more fun than the assembly line, the mindless, and mundane.

But… let’s be careful not to ignore the organized, the sequential, and the task-oriented. We’ll be floundering in the ideas with no help in getting them organized, built, launched, and maintained. A happy mixture of both, please!